Warley Primary School

Warley Primary School

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School Ethos

At Warley Primary School, our ethos is centred around children’s happiness and well-being.  We intend to provide an environment within which all the children in our school will be safe and comfortable, feel secure, happy and motivated and fulfil their potential.  Children will receive the best education possible, appropriate to their individual needs.


  • Our school is a happy, inclusive and supportive community within which the staff and children are encouraged to promote the growth of trust and mutual respect.
  • We are collaborative; we aim to work in partnership with parents by encouraging dialogue, welcoming parents into the school, and keeping them fully informed of school policy and the progress of their own children.
  • We have created a stimulating, well-ordered environment for learning, in which we hope all children will be inspired to thrive and succeed.
  • We expect impeccable standards of behaviour and we help children to understand that they are responsible for improving their own behaviour with our support and advice.
  • Our broad and balanced curriculum is carefully planned to deliver effective and challenging learning, developing inquisitive learners and building on children’s previous achievements.
  • We regard the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of every child as an essential priority.
  • Opportunities for learning within the wider community are fully exploited through carefully planned study visits, organised events and visitors.
  • We believe that every child has unique talents which may take different forms, but are equally valued and encouraged.  We ensure that all children are challenged to fulfil their potential. We aim to make children aware of their own strengths and help them to learn to value the strengths of others.
  • The children are encouraged to use their initiative, are given responsibility, and helped to develop self-confidence.
  • We expect that children will leave our school as curious learners with confidence in their own ability, with the skills to extend and apply their knowledge, and the belief that learning is enjoyable and rewarding.


Above all else, we aim for all pupils to leave our school at the end of their primary career with happy memories of their time at Warley Primary School.


Happy ∙ Collaborative ∙ Inspired ∙ Challenged ∙ Curious


Governors have now used the school ethos and values to finalise the vision for the school for 2022 to 2025.  When complete, our vision will enable us to:

  • Have a sustainable approach to providing suitable premises to educate and care for all pupils
  • Widen opportunities to prepare children for the challenges of the modern world
  • Maximise progress for all pupils by ensuring a secure, consistently high quality of teaching and learning
  • Raise the profile of Warley Primary School in the local community and widen the range of parental engagement
  • Continue to develop the collaborative approach to governance in order to foster open and honest relationships with staff, whilst retaining the vital element of challenge


Chindits Lane, Brentwood,
Essex. CM14 5LF