Warley Primary School

Our Staff

We are a hard working and friendly team.  Find out a little more about the people who work at our school below.

Senior Management Team

Mrs J Evans - Headteacher

Mrs Evans was appointed as Headteacher of Warley Primary in 2015, having previously worked as Deputy Headteacher within the school since 2007. Prior to this, Mrs Evans has taught in schools in Havering. 

Miss S Sharp - Deputy Headteacher and KS1 Leader 

Miss Sharp was appointed as Deputy Headteacher in October 2020 but has worked at the school for a number of years.  She is an experienced teacher and has taught in years 5, 6, 1 and 2. Miss Sharp is our Spanish Leader and also has specific responsibility for GDPR and Network Management. 

Mrs L Cook -  Assistant Headteacher and KS2 Leader

Mrs Cook joined the school in 2011 and is an experienced teacher having taught in Norfolk prior to moving to Essex  She was appointed as Assistant Head in 2015.  Mrs Cook has taught in years 1, 4, 5 and 6.  Mrs Cook has specific responsibility for Assessment and HR.

Mrs S Phillips - Assistant Headteacher, SENCo and Director of EYFS

Mrs Phillips began working at Warley Primary School in 1998.  Mrs Phillips is responsible for the Early Years Foundation Stage and is also the SENCo, overseeing the school provision for children with SEN.  Mrs Phillips is a fully qualified SENCo after undertaking the National Award for SEN coordination.  Mrs Phillips is also the Music Coordinator.

Mrs C O'Connor - School Business Manager

Mrs O'Connor is an experienced Business Manager who joined the school in September 2016.  Mrs O'Connor worked for many years at a school In Havering.  Mrs O'Connor manages the administration, catering and site teams at Warley.

Class Teachers

Miss A Envill - Reception Class Teacher 

Miss Envill joined the school three years ago as a volunteer. Since then, she has completed her teacher training and is in her second year of teaching. Miss Envill loves being creative and is currently our Art Lead.


Miss A Lygoe - Reception Class Teacher

Miss Lygoe joined the school in September and is in her first year of teaching.

Mrs K Smith - Year 1 Class Teacher and KS1 Senior Teacher

Mrs Smith has worked at Warley Primary for a number of years and is currently our KS1 Senior teacher, overseeing the learning taking place in years 1 and 2.  She is also the school's Computing Coordinator.

Miss A Saunders - Year 1 Class Teacher

Miss Saunders joined our school six years ago and is an experienced teacher.  Miss Saunders taught previously at a school in Thurrock and also had a long and established career in the Childcare sector.  Miss Saunders leads RE.

Mr T Fulk - Year 2 Class Teacher

Mr Fulk is in his second year of teaching and prior to teaching, worked as a qualified Cricket coach. Due to his passion for sport, he currently leads PE across the school. 


Mr R Hughes - Year 2 Class Teacher 

Mr Hughes recently joined the school.  He previously taught in a school in Havering and also has experience of working in an enhanced provision.  Mr Hughes is jointly responsible for leading Computing. 


Miss P Russell - Year 3 Class Teacher

Miss Russell joined Warley in September 2019 and is in her fourth year of teaching. She has experience of teaching in Early years and also KS2, whilst studying at the University of Greenwich. Miss Russell is the school's History and Phonics Coordinator. 

Miss P Chinery - Year 4 Class Teacher

Miss Chinery joined the school in September and is in her first year of teaching.  Miss Chinery is a former pupil of the school and was taught by Mrs Evans!


Mrs L Croft - Year 4/5 Class Teacher 

Mrs Croft joined the school in September 2020 and has a passion for reading. She currently promotes the love of reading across the school and is our Library Coordinator. 


Mrs T Barclay - Year 5 Class Teacher

Mrs Barclay is an experienced teacher who joined our school three years ago.  She currently teaches full-time in our year 5 class.  Mrs Barclay is a qualified yoga teacher and leads whole school yoga sessions throughout the school year, enhancing our whole-school wellbeing provision.  Mrs Barclay is responsible for leading ESR and RSHE.


Mrs E Holtom - Year 6 Class Teacher (3 days per week)

Mrs Holtom has worked at the school for seven years and has previously taught in all Key stages across the school. Mrs Holtom is responsible for coordinating English.


Miss H Titterton - Year 6 Class Teacher

Miss Titterton joined the school in September and has experience of teaching across KS2. She is currently our Geography Coordinator. 

Miss H Carrington - SEND Teacher

Miss Carrington is in her sixth year of teaching and joined the school in September 2016.  Having lived locally all her life, Miss Carrington is a former pupil of Warley Primary.  Miss Carrington is our Science Leader.


Mrs D Hawkins - Class Teacher 

Mrs Hawkins is an experienced teacher, who has taught across a range of year groups throughout her career and currently teaches in our Year 1 class and 4/5 class one day per week. 

Sports Coaches

Mr K Lamont

Mr Lamont is a specialist sports coach who teaches PE to all children across the school.  He has been working at Warley Primary School since 2003. Mr Lamont coaches a range of sports including: Football, Cricket, Basketball, Tennis and Rounders.

Mr R Collins - Sports Teaching Assistant and Learning Mentor

Mr Collins joined the school in 2018 and recently completed his qualification in Primary School Sports Coaching.  He also undertakes a learning mentor role, supporting a number of children on a 1:1 basis.  Mr Collins also works in Year 4, supporting pupils as a teaching assistant.

Teaching Assistants

Reception L - Miss H Clark

Reception E - Mrs J Dean, Mrs A Hawkins

Year 1S - Mrs S Mehmet

Year 1SH - Miss K Vickers 

Year 2W - Mrs S Walton

Year 2F - Mrs A Consterdine

Year 3R - Mrs J Bubb

Year 4C - Mrs W Crook, Mr R Collins

Year 5B - Mrs L Moore

Year 4/5C - Mrs Djemal

Year 6H -  Mrs S Davey,

Year 6T - Mrs T Magney, Miss M Eaglen


SEN TAs - Mrs M Petrou, Mrs L Charles

Intervention TA - Miss P Phillips

Administration Staff

Mrs A Pemberton

Mrs C Spyrides

School Catering Staff

Mrs L Lord- School Catering Manager

Miss K Spearman

Mrs B Finch

Mrs J Yuen

Mrs G Ives

The Sunshine Room (Breakfast and After School Club)

Mrs B Finch - Sunshine Club Manager

Mrs L Charles

Mrs S Davey

Mrs J Smith

Miss L Walker

Miss K Spearman

Mrs J Dean


Site Manager

Mr D Snooks


Number of staff at our school who have a gross annual salary of more than £100,000 = 0 employees

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