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At Warley Primary School, we want to provide a wealth of opportunities for our pupils to lead healthy, active lives and to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in a range of physical activities. We believe that physical education, when experienced in a safe and supportive environment, is vital in the development of a child’s physical, social and emotional development, as well as, their overall health. We understand the importance of PE, promoting a love for exercise and competition and how this can help grow an individual’s self-belief, communication, respect and cooperation, so that they can be successful when collaborating as part of a team.  One of our main aims is for all pupils at Warley to participate effectively in a wide range of activities and games, including swimming. We want our children to be physically confident in competitive but fun situations, that promote tactical thinking. A key aspect of PE at Warley is understanding the important life lessons of winning and losing. This is done through being able to evaluate and communicate successes and losses and accept that we are always learning and improving. The vast breadth of sports which we offer children means that they can begin to make informed choices for their future pathways; this might be that they decide to pursue a certain sport out of school or at secondary school or that they envisage a career for themselves in that sport. 

Overall, we want all the children at Warley to learn skills that will enable them to lead a happy, healthy and successful life. 



Every child at Warley Primary School has the opportunity to participate in 2 lessons per week, with one normally taking place outside and one inside. Above and beyond this, children get the opportunity to experience taster sessions in numerous different sports, including those that would not normally be found on the school curriculum, such as Fencing and Kidditch. More information about this can be found in our Sports Premium report. Our Class Teachers offer a diverse range of sports in extra-curricular clubs after school, all of which are free for children to attend and change every half term. 

All PE lessons begin with a 5 minute continuous run. This decision was made in light of the poorer than usual health and wellbeing of children upon return from school closures. Many children did not have opportunities to be active whilst at home and so we have taken this step to ensure children's fitness improves.  Lessons are based around building skills; skills which can be applied within and across sports. At the end of a unit, pupils have the opportunity to apply these skills, if applicable, to game/match situations. We encourage our pupils to evaluate their own performance, in both indoor and outdoor PE lessons and they then consider how they could perform even better next time.  Pupils who show a particular aptitude in certain sports may get the opportunity to compete at school, district and county level. There are also opportunities for all children to compete at school level, for example, during our inter-house competitions. 

Children in Year 4 and Year 5 having swimming lessons every week, for the entire academic year.

Please click here to view our PE Overview: PE Skills Overview 



All children at Warley Primary School experience opportunities to learn, participate, and compete in a number of different sporting activities during their PE lessons and the wider offering. Pupils at Warley are keen to compete and demonstrate excellent sportspersonship when doing so; they have the emotional resilience to accept both winning and losing. 2022 saw our most successful year at the District Cross County to date, with some pupils going on to compete at County level. 

Attendance at extra-curricular clubs is excellent and clubs are always running at full capacity. Pupils report enjoyment of these clubs and relish opportunities to make friendships outside of their own year group. 

Almost all children leave Warley meeting the expected standard for swimming, as well as the rest of the PE curriculum. The inclusive nature of our curriculum and teaching means that children with physical disabilities are catered for and make good progress alongside their peers. 

Pupils leave Warley with a vast range of sporting experiences, which enable them to make informed decisions about their strengths, weaknesses and preferences as they continue their school career. 

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